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Alex Ioannou - Exercise Physiologist/Personal Traine

I have been working in the fitness industry for the past 6 years and I always aim to provide the best experience possible for my clients. My philosophy focuses on constant lifelong learning as I work towards enhancing the performance and wellbeing of individuals by empowering them with knowledge, guidance and support to assist and inspire them on their journey to achieve their goals whilst keeping up to date with the current scientific literature. I hold a degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health as well as a Master’s Degree in Sport & Exercise Physiology. Apart from personal and group training I perform physiological assessments for major railway projects across the UK in order to ensure that their personnel is fit for work and therefore minimizing the risk of injury in the workplace. I have been involved in various sports and I’m obsessed with optimizing human performance.

Vanessa Chefer - Personal Trainer

I am Olympic athlete who has been part of Brazilian team over 15 years in Athletics (Heptathlon). I transformed my passion within sports into Personal trainer to help my clients to reach their goals and go for the extra mile. I work online or at the parks (outside) one-to-one or couples. It’s been a nice journey to see how physical activity can change people’s life to better. In my opinion Health is the new Wealth.

Rosa Pitt

I have been a competing athlete for over 5 years, my main focus is 100m but I have raced both 60m and 200m. I currently work as a fitness instruction in the city teaching HIIT and body strength classes. Not all runners want to sprint but the basic sprint training works to optimise technique, improve performance and reduce injury. These techniques along with the principals of HIIT and body strengthening are what we use in Burst Training.

Liz Simpson - Physiotherapist/Functional Nutrition Coach

I have worked in the field of Health and Fitness for over 30 years, my treatment approach is to establish a therapeutic partnership. The practitioner and the client work together to achieve health and fitness goals. Assessing current and past health history, analysing diet and digestion. I work using hands on physiotherapy techniques, acupuncture and lazer therapy for injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. I advise on exercise regimes using pilates exercises for posture correction and core strengthening in addition to cardio vascular exercise. After completing training in Functional nutrition I also coach clients in understanding their system and how to modify their diet to support their optimal overall health. To improve health and gain fitness it is vital to optimise gut health, digestion and nutrient absorption this will help to balance the immune system and control inflammation and promote healing.