Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

There is so much out there about nutrition these days, diets, supplements, superfoods and protein powders and so many people offering advice.

So what’s different about Functional Nutrition?

The Institute of Functional Medicine was founded in the USA in 1990 by Dr Jeffrey Bland. The concept is integrative health; if one area of your health is out of balance the consequences can manifest as symptoms in a different system. The wheel diagram to the left illustrates how an imbalance in one area of health will impact the functioning of the whole wheel. (Click the Red Dots)

We understand that the gastrointestinal tract is directly related to the immune system, an imbalance in the gut bacteria (dysbiosis) can result in disruption to the immune responses throughout the body manifesting in inflammation in the joints, skin conditions, and even mood changes.

Functional nutrition looks at how YOUR body is functioning. Not by using expensive tests or allergy panels but by asking questions. We ask about your family health history to get an idea of your genetic predispositions, we ask about your birth, childhood illnesses, adolescence and puberty through to your current health status.

Life events and social situation are considered alongside health status. Using all this information we create your story and from this develop specific dietary recommendations to support your health and fitness.

Functional nutrition focuses on all the body’s systems, looking to optimise your physical and mental health.  At Burst Training UK we will give you a personalised programme that will help you achieve your fitness potential.

You don’t have to feel ill to benefit from it, it may be that you just don’t quite feel on top form despite your best efforts.

Eating the best diet does not necessarily mean that your body is able to absorb all the nutrients from the food. This is why in Functional Nutrition we always start with optimising gut health. Poor gut health results in poor nutrient absorption and this impacts;

Functional Nutrition provides a route map to understanding your health and a lifestyle plan to manage it.